Site Contributors


We would like to give a special THANK YOU to the following key contributors. They have all freely donated their time and knowledge to help create an accurate historical record of The Grass Roots for the world to see.


Gary Borress

Gary opened the door to the history of The Grass Roots by assisting in our initial communication with Creed Bratton. He has continued to offer help with his large collection of artifacts and his extensive group knowledge.



Joanne is a long time fan of The Grass Roots and is very knowledgeable about the group. She helped us to locate vintage pictures and continues to help with development of the site. She has volunteered to take photos and submit overviews of recent Grass Roots concerts. She was the founding Group Moderator of our official site forum from 2008 until 2014.


Tina Reichow

Tina is a long time fan of The Grass Roots. She has been instrumental in creating an accurate discography from original media sources. She has provided vintage pictures and has been involved in development by conducting group member interviews. In 2006, she completed an update with Terry Furlong and Dennis Provisor.


Jon Strausser

Jon has a true investigative spirit and has been helpful in locating group members and clearing up gray areas in our history investigation.


Cindy Taylor

Cindy has been a fan since 1985. She is a high speed typist and can quickly transcribe recorded interviews and printed material. She has creatively written her own content as well for the site.


David Pinder

David has been a fan since 1968. He has donated secure storage space to keep backups of our site files and programs. This will help to ensure continuous operation of our sites in the years to come.


Jim Mullen

Jim has been a fan since 1968 when he first heard the song Midnight Confessions. He didnít know what group it was that played the song until the early 70ís when he began to hear the name The Grass Roots and put the group name to the song. By this time they were consistently hitting the charts with other outstanding songs as well. Jim first caught the group live on 11-18-82 on the Powers Of The Night tour when they played in Devon, PA at the Valley Forge Music Fair with John Sebastian and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.


Chuck Johnson

Chuck hails from Youngstown, OH and was part of contracting The Grass Roots for a concert at a local high school in Youngstown in 1970 when he was just 18 years old. He saw the group perform at concerts in Youngstown three times and saw the group a total of six times from 1968 to 1983. He has contributed vintage group photos and copies of original contracts for live performances. He was an oldies DJ for 16 years.


Darrin Konkin

Darrin hails from British Columbia, Canada and has amassed a large collection of Grass Roots music and is also a quadraphonic recording collector. There are several Grass Roots quad discs and tapes and Darrin has found some unusual mixes on them. Darrin has made some interesting sound clips of the tracks for other Grass Roots listeners to hear on our site.


Donna & Dayton Simpson

Donna & Dayton are from Ft. Myers, Florida. They attended two key concerts in 2009. These concerts were important because of Rob Grillís return to the stage after an extended absence in 2008. Donna wrote excellent reviews of the shows and Dayton is a natural with his camera, taking many high quality pictures of the group.

These are just a few of our many contributors. We encourage all visitors to submit content or photos to the site to complete our ever evolving history of The Grass Roots.



Group Member Contributions


The following Grass Roots group members and those closely associated with them have kindly given their time to contribute essential information. Listed alphabetically:

Gary Beatty
Beau Bratton
Creed Bratton
Rick Coonce
Cookee Coqouz
Warren Entner
Dr. Richard Fanning
Kenny Fukomoto
Terry Furlong
Nancy Grill
Rob Grill
Melissa Hanvey
Jimmie Haskell
Scott Hoyt
Lou Josie
Nancy Josie
Reed Kailing
Reggie Knighton
Joel Larson
Terry Oubre
Dennis Provisor
Glen Shulfer
Barbara Smith
Gunga Dave Stensen
Leon Tsilis