Group Member Compositions

The Grass Roots have a depth of song writing ability that they brought to the table. These songs are well crafted rock tunes that made their debut (in most cases) as the B-sides to their many hit singles or appeared on their album tracks. The list below is comprised of 38 songs that could easily fill four albums worth of material. The Grass Roots also had a knack for picking out songs written by others to make their own. Top songwriters were falling over each other to get The Grass Roots to add their unique sound to the compositions they wrote. If you like the radio hits, the group composed material stands along side of the hits and will show you the depth of their ability and their strength as a top level rock group.

Depressed Feeling Entner 2:32

Beatin' Round The Bush  Bratton, Entner  2:30

Won't You See Me  Entner  2:56

No Exit  Bratton, Entner, Grill  2:34

House Of Stone Bratton 2:40

Feelings Coonce, Entner, Fukomoto 2:58

Who Will You Be Tomorrow  Entner, Grill  2:37

Hot Bright Lights  Entner, Grill, Bratton 5:03

Hey Friend  Entner, Grill  3:03

You And Love Are The Same  Entner, Grill  2:46

Dinner For Eight Bratton 2:59

(You Gotta) Live For Love  Entner, Grill  2:10

Fly Me To Havana  Entner, Grill  3:50

Melinda Love Barri, Entner, Grill 2:34

Don’t Remind Me Entner 2:33

Take Him While You Can Provisor 4:00

Walking Through The Country Provisor 3:57

Something’s Comin’ Over Me Grill 2:45

Truck Drivin’ Man Coonce 2:59

Come On And Say It Provisor, Entner, Grill 2:37

Get It Together Entner, Coonce, Provisor, Grill 2:16

Keepin’ Me Down Provisor 4:52

I Can Turn Off The Rain Provisor 3:09

Let It Go Provisor 3:42

Monday Love Provisor 3:25

Runnin’ Just To Get Her Home Again Entner, Provisor 3:27

Someone To Love Provisor 3:22

Move Along Provisor 3:21

Only One Provisor 5:01

Glory Bound Barri, Price, Provisor, Walsh 2:34

You’ve Got To Bend With The Breeze Walsh, Price, Entner, Grill 2:46

Just A Little Tear Kailing, Entner, Price, Walsh 3:20

Claudia Weber, Entner 3:27

Look But Don’t Touch Entner 3:20

We Almost Made It Together Entner, Provisor 3:40

The Last Time Around Frost, Provisor 2:34

Keeps On Burning Grill, Bennett 3:06

Feels Like The First Time Petersen, Grill, Rumpf 2:31